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Embrace the Chance to Change Your Future

Your Challenges Don’t Have to Define You

You Are More Than the Obstacles You Face

No matter how low you have fallen, you can overcome your circumstances and live the kind of life you want to live, if you are willing to work on the way you think and the choices you make.

I Help Everyday People Like You

Discover New Ways to Approach Life’s Challenges

Make Changes to Your Lifestyle Approach

Regain Hope and Excitement for the Future

Unlock Your Potential,

Surpass Your Struggles

Life is complicated. Personal struggles don’t stay neatly inside the personal box we put them in. They affect our relationships, our work, and every other aspect of our lives. The obstacles and struggles we face can keep us from reaching our goals and dreams, but only if we let them. With the right tools and knowledge you can transform your future and start living a life worth living. My life is the proof.

How I Can Help

Training & Workshops

As a counselor and mentor, I have developed programs and workshops to show people how to overcome everything from homelessness to deep personal loss. As someone who has been there, I bring firm encouragement balanced with compassion and understanding to help people make lasting change.


Your employees are your most valuable resource. If you take care of them, they will be better able to take care of you. That’s where I can help. I have experience working with city and state programs to create employee care initiatives that empower employees to live stronger and produce value in every aspect of their lives, including their work.

Special Events

Stories are powerful, motivational methods of communication. Sharing my own story of loss and struggle with audiences has been a tremendous opportunity to impact and encourage others on the path to success. I would love to share my story and some encouragement at your next event.

My Story

Many years ago, I faced the lowest point of my life. I thought I would never forgive myself. I felt ashamed, angry, scared, alone and judged. But then I found great people who came around me and helped me get back on my feet. Now I have the opportunity to give back and be a voice for people who feel unheard and unseen. I love helping people discover a path forward without judgment or condescension.

Who We Work With

Linda Case

Senior Vice President Company Confidential

“I have had the privilege of working with Marsha in a variety of ways for over a decade. Marsha communicates with professionalism and poise. Marsha engages all projects and initiatives with an open mind and exceptional listening skills rooted in a determination to deliver meaningful results. I’ve never known Marsha to walk away from a challenge and have been delighted to witness her success throughout our time working together.”

Marcia Romero

VP Community Affairs Manager Colorado | Utah  U.S. Bank

“Compelling. Honest. Real. Marsha Brown is a pillar in the Colorado community whose story has inspired all who hear her message of tenacity and strength. When all the doors closed on her, she found a way to find an opening to keep going to support her family. From homeless to homeowner to business owner, Marsha’s story will move you, giving you the inspiration to find YOUR strength.”

Ethan Hemming

President & CEO
Warren Village

“I have known Marsha for many years and her story of resiliency, tenacity, grit and growth is inspiring.  Her trajectory against all odds provides a deeply meaningful and empowering narrative for me and our Board and our staff and, most importantly, our residents.  She speaks from experience, from wisdom, from compassion and always with a sense of humor and humility.  She is a tremendous asset to our organization, and I personally feel lucky to be in her world!”