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My Story of Transformation Was Not a Solo Journey – Let Me Share it With You

Every chance to share my story is an opportunity to impact lives and set people on a new path. Occasionally, those opportunities involve public speaking. Sharing my story in a public speaking setting is part of what transformed my life and I plan to continue sharing in that way for as long as people need encouragement and find it in my story.

“Helping people is my life journey and I am living my truth.”

-Marsha Brown

If you would like to have me speak at your next event and encourage your community with my story, I would love to hear from you.

Speaking Events

Building Financial Health

Financial Health is something that takes time and effort. I will share how I used my time and effort to build stability and a future.

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Educational Talk, Workshops, Information Packets

From Homeless to Homeowner

My story of transformation was not a solo journey. I had the help from an entire community. I will show you how to make the connections you need in your own community.

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Educational Talk, Workshops, Information Packets